Sport Themed Gender Reveal Products!

Introducing sport themed gender reveals for your gender reveal party! 

Welcoming your new addition with a sporty twist can be a fun and creative way to announce the gender of your new little one. Our gender reveal sport selection allows you to keep the family active whilst encouraging younger siblings to join in and be part of the family celebration. Sport reveals are a fantastic way to keep them included and help grasp the concept of being an older brother or sister! So we want to offer something that can embrace kinship and keep everyone included. Our sport gender reveal products can be used for simple or extravagant events, you can choose the level of intensity when it comes to your gender reveal party because you can definitely go overboard when planning or you can keep it simple. Feel free to check out what we have to offer!

The Football 

The famous football is always a great pick, especially if you are passionate about the footy or have little ones starting to practise. Picture this! A house full of your chosen friends and family, there’s two tvs going with the same game but with opposite teams in the house. It’s loud and rowdy with drinks and food galore! Every win is accompanied by a wave of roars in the house from each team which keeps the suspense alive! At halftime you plan to kick, throw or punt the gender reveal football  with the fans going wild for either team pink or team blue, or arrange the reveal to be held at the end of the game where the winning team can kick open the football!  Will he or she support the Maroons or the Blues next origin game? Will you be gifted a new quarterback or a new cheerleader? Our gender reveal football can help you decide 😉  

The Baseball 

If you aren’t a footy fan then that’s no worries! Our baseball fans may enjoy hitting a home run with the gender reveal baseball! Play a game with your crew and organise one of the players to switch out the ball mid game and throw the gender reveal baseball to the batter for a surprise! Or you can have one parent step to the plate and throw the baseball whilst the other prepares for the biggest swing of their life! The harder the hit the bigger the coloured smoke trail on the bat!. Our baseballs are designed with a thicker material to ensure you get a solid hit from swinging that bat with some elbow grease! Not a baseball fan? Grab it for the kids! If you want them to be involved they can have a baseball and smash it on the ground or a backboard!  Who’s to say destruction is always bad? Our baseballs can be hit with a bat from a stand, thrown and hit with a bat or  smashed on the floor. 

The Golf Ball 

Want to keep it simple? With our golf balls you can achieve a peaceful reveal by organising a game of mini golf in the backyard with your selected party. Grab a gender reveal golf ball for all your guests and have them lined up in a row, hit the golf balls at the same time creating a mini smoke screen effect revealing your baby girl or boy. There are plenty of ways to incorporate some fun into the sport themed party with children as well!  Such as playing the egg and spoon race but with our gender reveal golf balls! Are you on team GIRL or team BOY? Whatever you do, don’t drop it on purpose and ruin the fun! Play fast and quick to ease the suspense but the first person to drop the golf ball gets to reveal the gender! If both teams fail to win the game you can always go for round two! 

The Soccer Ball 

Line up ya goalies and get ready to score! But will you score with a baby girl or a baby boy? Our soccer ball can help you out! With one giant run up, either both or one parent can use all their might to kick the gender reveal soccer ball and watch the coloured smoke explode over the field. With a big enough kick this will break open the soccer ball revealing a trail of either pink or blue smoke for your beautiful growing baby! You can organise players into teams of pink and blue and have a friendly game of soccer. The winning team can reveal the gender by kicking the gender reveal soccer ball high into the sky ! Fingers crossed the winning team is the actual gender of the baby though 😉 A fun and energetic way to keep the suspense alive for all family members! 

The BasketBall 

Want a game of B-ball? Think you’ll flop? Or will you make the net swish? We now offer a gender reveal basketball for all the basketball fans out there! Will it do the trick? With the gender of your baby secured inside, throw the gender reveal basketball from the lines to smash on the backboard and watch the colour burst out!  This game relies on teamwork so make sure your partner is dropping dimes! With the time counting down by the second, the crowd is on the edge of their seats, team blue was taking the lead but now team pink have caught up, 10 seconds remaining, who will beat the buzzer beater? Keeping the suspense alive during the game is always a great way to encourage your friends and family to cheer on their supporting team! Not interested in playing a game? That’s totally fine! Host a BBQ at the park with friends and family and keep it simple. When ready you can slam or throw  the gender reveal b-ball on the backboard creating an explosion of colour and revealing the gender of your new team player!

The Cricket Ball

Did you know that cricket dates back to the 16th century? Crikey! Or should we say “krick-e” as the word cricket is believed to originate from the Middle Dutch meaning stick game! Time has definitely changed because now the old classic Gentleman’s Game must make room for a new batsman or batswoman! With our gender reveal cricket ball you can have a fun game of cricket in the park with the family and invite your friends along too! Someone needs to grab that money shot photo when the gender reveal cricket ball is smashed open showcasing the gender of your baby through a trail of pink or blue smoke! Make sure you have a strong swing to boost that smoke explosion over the bat otherwise you may leave the game with a pink or blue wicket instead! 

The Tennis Ball 

CANNONBALL!! Except we aren’t running to make a giant splash in a pool but instead we are going to play a game of tennis! Show off your skills with a racket in one hand and a gender reveal tennis ball in the other, toss up nice and high into the sky and WHACK. Hitting the gender reveal tennis ball with a  tennis racket can make a huge explosion of smoke revealing the gender of your baby. We all know the determination tennis has over players so get mum and dad to verse each other and make the loser take the photo of the winner smashing open the gender reveal tennis ball. Plan a day out in the sun along the beach or in a park and host a mini tournament to celebrate a new beginning of life with friends and family. Have the coach announce the gender reveal tennis ball at the end of the game and have your crew record the fabulous moment you find out if your new member is team BOY or team GIRL. 

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