Gender Reveal Pregnancy Announcement

Announcing the exciting news that you’re expecting can always be a thrilling experience! Preparing for your newest addition can be a tad scary and sometimes overwhelming, but we promise there is no better feeling than having your loved ones surround you whilst revealing your big news! Pregnancy announcements embrace the new beginning of life and to have everyone congratulate you and your partner can be such a heartwarming moment. So let’s bump it up a notch and add the gender of your baby to your pregnancy announcement and really get those waterworks going! The advancement of technology allows you to find out the gender of your little one as early as 8 weeks, revealing your pregnancy is the first wave of excitement for everyone, then you surprise them by saying HE or SHE is due on the…;)

Whether you are surprising your partner or grandparents, you can never go wrong with a pregnancy reveal gift idea! There are plenty of ways to announce your pregnancy, for instance if a holiday is approaching, use it to your advantage! A small pink or blue baby onesie rolled up into a coffee mug that says “i love my grandma” for Mothers day is a beautiful way to subtly let them know they are going to be grandparents. You can keep the onesie white if you don’t know the gender or wanting to host a gender reveal party.

Another way to reveal the bun in the oven is to host a dinner and invite those you wish to share the news. Have a small note saying something that is related to your guest such as “Hi grandma” or “Hi Aunty/Uncle” with a small gift box under the chair. Fill these gift boxes with one small baby item like a dummy, little baby booties or a headband. After dinner, you and your partner may stand and ask everyone to please open their surprise gift box.. Whilst holding your hands over your belly, give them a moment for that light bulb to TINK and next thing you know everyone is screaming and congratulating you both with excitement! Why end it there? You’ve announced you’re pregnant so don’t let them tears dry up too quickly as there is still dessert! Have a small cake made for everyone so when they all dig in and take a bite, the colour of the cake can be pink or blue revealing the gender of your baby! Surprise your guests AGAIN with the gender and watch to see how long it takes for them to catch on ;). The smiles and tears will be worth it!

If you want to keep your pregnancy announcement and gender reveal separate then you most certainly can! At the end of the day it is all about how YOU want to share your news and how exciting it can be to start a family. If you wish to host a gender reveal party for your cheeky monkey then feel free to check out our gender reveal products! Times are starting to adapt to a new era of baby gender reveal parties! You can be so creative with this part so we can leave the planning up to you 😉

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