Gender Reveal Tennis Ball

$20.00$27.00 Inc GST

Anyone for Tennis? Reveal the gender of your baby with an exploding gender reveal tennis ball. Smash out your next gender reveal with an Ace!

Our gender reveal tennis balls are filled with nontoxic bio-degradable holi powder that is environmentally friendly and does not stain clothes or skin.

Our gender reveal tennis balls are sold assembled with your choice of holi powder. We offer the classic pink or blue filled gender reveal tennis ball or you can choose a “JOKER” tennis ball that is filled with yellow coloured holi powder, if you are wanting plan a gender reveal prank.

If you want to create your own gender reveal surprise, we also have our “EMPTY” gender reveal tennis ball to create your own unique gender reveal party.  Our gender reveal balls are sold singularly so you can mix and match what you need.

Unsure of the gender and waiting for those results? you may select “To Be Advised” from the drop-down list and place an order in advance. The results can be emailed to us by someone that will not spoil your surprise gender reveal.

Weight 220 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Pink, Blue, Joker Ball, Empty Ball, To be advised

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