Gender Reveal Black Water Balloons

$18.50 Inc GST

Celebrate this special moment with black gender reveal water bombs from Gender Reveals Australia. Our gender reveal black water balloons keep it a secret unitl the explosion, whether it’s in a quaint park or something larger at home. With 100 water bombs, children of all ages can get involved in the celebrations. They’re the perfect showpiece for your celebratory event!

These gender reveal water balloons are safe to use outdoors. Get ready to reveal if it’s a boy or a girl.

For gender reveal balloons or other gender party decorations, browse our online show at Gender Reveals Australia. For any questions or concerns, use the contact form to contact our team.

Gender Reveal Water Balloons

Make a splash at your summer celebration with our Cannonball Water Balloons. Wage water warfare with all your friends using these 5-inch solid black water balloons – which look like cannonballs when they’re flying through the air! Or instead of a water balloon fight, let kids have an epic water balloon toss at your summer party or pool party. Not only great for water games, these black balloons can also be filled with pink or blue (paint or food colouring) for a gender reveal, too. Shop all of our summer party supplies to make planning your event easy and affordable.  Latex Cannonball Water Balloons:

  • 100 Cannonball Water Balloons
  • Black Water Balloons measure 5″ when filled
  • Great for a water balloon fight or other water game
  • Fun for a kids birthday party or summer party
  • Or fill with paint for a gender reveal
  • Combine with other kids birthday party supplies


Leading Gender Reveal Party Suppliers

We know how exciting a new baby can be for any family. It should be a special moment shared by your loved ones with a big reveal. Our friendly team at Gender Reveals Australia loves celebrating the big moment with our soon-to-be new parents. Our gender reveal products have a wide range and will suit any party theme you choose to go for, whether it’s big or small.


Secure Your Gender Water Bombs Balloons

When you’re planning a gender reveal party, you’ll want to secure the best decorations for your big reveal. Trust that Gender Reveals Australia will have your party decorations sorted. Choose from our gender reveal balloons, baseball reveals, smoke cannons and more. Browse our wide selection of gender party decorations and order online or get in touch with our friendly team today! We look forward to sharing your great news.

Weight 38 g
Dimensions 26 × 17 × 0.10 cm
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